Madanes insurance Agency

Madanes serves hundreds of thousands of private and business customers in all areas of insurance, and provides its customers with a shell of additional ancillary services, such as legal advice and protection, risk management and claims management.

About Madanes

Madanes Insurance Agency was founded in 1972 by Shuki Madanes and has developed into Israel’s leading group in the field of insurance.

Madanes consists of a number of companies that provide services in various areas of insurance:

  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Health and Nursing Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance for Online Sellers
  • Travel Insurance

In addition, we provide services in associated areas, such as:

  • Legal advice and defense
  • Risk management services
  • Claims management and financial services

Madanes has outstanding creativity and innovation, and is continually developing new insurance products to meet the requirements of the insured and the changing market conditions. Our motto is the provision of high quality service to our clients. Service is our top priority and we invest considerable resources in providing the maximum professional attention to every detail and every client.

As a group, Madanes has the ability to meet all professional requirements in every area of insurance. The company regularly surveys its clients’ requirements and offers packages of insurance cover precisely tailored for the requirements that it identifies, whether for business needs at all levels or individual needs, providing full protection for individuals and their families.

A multi-disciplinary team, consisting of over 400 top-class professionals, including insurance agents, sales personnel, customer service representatives and claim representatives, risk managers, doctors and lawyers, who offer you their services at Madanes House in Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Madanes is committed to maintaining a high professional standard in its employees, by means of ongoing instruction and regular refresher courses. At the same time, Madanes works to improve and update the terms of its various insurance plans.

Madanes has working relationships with most of the insurance companies in Israel, and close contacts with re insurers overseas. In addition, Madanes has a license to operate as an underwriter at the international insurance marketing association, Lloyd’s of London.

Madanes Professional Liability

Professional Liability

Liability Insurance for practitioners of the liberal professions is intended for physicians, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, brokers and portfolio managers, real-estate agents, translators, technical writers and others.

In the western world, there is a growing trend to file claims against professionals; consequently, lawyers are becoming more and more experienced in this field. Many patients file claims for damages allegedly caused as a result of medical malpractice committed by the treating physician or the medical institution he works for. Practitioners of alternative medicine, cosmeticians and sports coaches/trainers are also exposed to malpractice claims by their patients and clients.
Professional Liability Insurance is therefore essential, and it is best placed with Madanes. Protected by this particular insurance, professionals can carry on with their work without being concerned about lawsuits. The insurance provides liability cover up to the limits agreed with the insurance company as stated in the policy. It covers the insured ’s legal liability arising out of a breach of professional duty, negligence, or any error or omission made in good faith by the insured in the course of practicing his insured profession.

Madanes has been engaged in insurance for over 30 years and due to its vast experience is renowned for its know-how and expertise in the field of professional liability. Madanes leads the field of Medical Malpractice Insurance for medical practitioners, initiating and offering unique and innovative insurance solutions specifically designed for its insured medical sector, including physicians, members of medical and paramedical teams, clinics, hospitals, institutions and health funds

Health Insurance

The basket of services available to you within the National Health Insurance Law is intended mainly to cover the cost of treating common illnesses. Even the Supplemental Health Service plans from the various Health Funds do not offer a complete solution for all your future medical needs.

Only private Health and Nursing Care insurance can give you the solutions necessary to cope with difficult situations, such as critical illness or the need for full time nursing. The Madanes Group has a division that specializes in complete solutions for Health and Nursing Care insurance, so that private individuals can receive personally tailored insurance plans.

Madanes also provides unique solutions for Collective insurance, based on creating insurance policies specifically adapted to the needs of each group

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a source of income after we reach the age of retirement, and also provides financial protection in the event of a loss of income arising from calamitous events, such as death, disability or serious illness.
The rise in life expectancy is one of the characteristic signs of the twenty-first century. In order to ensure quality of life in the additional years following retirement, we must ensure that we have suitable sources of income to make these the golden years. If we fail to take steps in good time to provide alternative sources of income, we will be forced to lower our standard of living.

There are various types of Life Insurance, some including a savings element, while others pay insurance benefits only in the event of death or disability or loss of ability to work.
Madanes enables you to choose the Life Insurance plan that is most suitable for you out of the wide range of Life Insurance solutions, a plan that will meet your unique requirements and give you and your family financial security whatever may occur.

Home Insurance

Insuring the building and contents of your home gives you appropriate cover for the property in which you have invested a large part of your money, and perhaps even money that you borrowed to finance the purchase.
Home Insurance is intended to protect you in the event of damage to the building and its contents due to a range of causes, such as fire, storm, flood, burglary, theft, damage by low-flying aircraft, and other damage that could cost you a great deal of money and even leave your family without a roof over your heads.

The Contents Insurance of your home, in addition to covering damage to property, will also protect your legal liability to any third party and your employer's liability to anyone employed by you in your home. In other words, you will also be covered if a claim is submitted against you by a person who as a result of your negligence, was injured in your home (or outside it within the borders of the State of Israel), or if you are sued pursuant to the law of torts by a person working in your home, for an amount greater than the amount that should be paid by the National Insurance Institute.

For your information, it is possible and usual to insure the building and contents of your home in one policy. Madanes offers you a range of high quality solutions for insurance of your home and its contents, through enhanced plans that will help you to cope with any damage to your property.

Business insurance

Insuring your business will give you the best possible cover against numerous risks to the business, such as fire, burglary and damage to weather. Insurance with Madanes will also provide cover in the event of a third party claim by a person injured on the business premises.

Madanes offers a range of solutions for insuring companies, businesses, offices, clinics, factories, etc.. To avoid a situation where your business has to stop operating and your source of income is affected, don't put your trust in luck, but protect your business with the appropriate insurance.

Overseas Travel Insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance allows you to travel with peace of mind, knowing that, if necessary, you can call on readily-available medical assistance, and that you are also protected in case your luggage is lost or damaged.

Madanes offers attractive insurance plans specially designed for people traveling abroad for various purposes: business, leisure or backpacking, and provides an insurance solution even for travelers with existing medical problems.

All Madanes overseas travel insurance plans include support services and emergency call centers that operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Enjoy your trip!


MCI, a subsidiary of the Madanes Group, has received power of attorney from the insurers to manage claims filed against the insured for professional liability that is covered in the policy.
MCI provides claims management services and legal advice in the field of medical malpractice liability, and for this purpose it employs a professional and skilled team of lawyers, who provide the insured with legal services including guidance, advice and legal representation at the committees of inquiry and investigation of medical institutions and the Ministry of Health, in disciplinary and criminal proceedings, in connection with the insured’s medical occupation. In addition, a professional and experienced multi-disciplinary team is at the insured’s service for ongoing advice on medico-legal matters.

The philosophy of MCI is that effective claims management, together with proper financial estimates, based on experience and knowledge accumulated over many years, are the basis for correct decisions in cases where a quick settlement is required, in order to save further expense, to relieve the suffering of claimants, and to protect the reputation of the defendants.


MRM, The Medical Risk Management Company, a subsidiary of the Madanes Group, was established to help insured parties to develop risk management systems and programs, in order to minimize the risk of injury to patients, leading to medical malpractice suits.

In the early 1990s, exactly like in the United States in the mid-1970s, there was a crisis in Israel in the field of claims of medical malpractice and attitudes to the medical system as a whole. In the USA, this crisis led to the development of risk management programs in medical institutions, with the encouragement of insurance companies and medical inspection authorities. The crisis in Israel led Madanes to include in its policies for medical institutions a requirement that they establish risk management systems.
The philosophy underlying the activities of the Medical Risk Management Company is that reducing the risk of causing injury to patients during medical treatment is to the benefit of everyone concerned – patients, insured and insurers. The company operates in close collaboration with the insured’s own risk management teams, to achieve their common goals.

Financial Services

Madanes Financial Services has been created to meet the need to provide professional financial solutions for clients on all matters relating to Pension Funds, Study Funds, a Central Compensation Fund, Investment Portfolios, Savings Plans and the "Family Office."
Madanes Financial Services maintains strategic cooperation with many of the leading investment houses in the capital market in Israel, and can tailor its products to the client's personal requirements, enabling us to select the most suitable product for each client, with no obligation to a particular investment house or fund.

We suggest a meeting to define your requirements, examine your pension file (pension funds and study funds) and to suggest the most suitable fund for you, at no charge and with no obligation whatsoever.
After this preliminary meeting, which will let you decide whether you are in the best fund for your requirements, the pension adviser will help you to make the correct decision.
If you accept the advice of the pension adviser, the process does not end at that point, since tracking and follow up is ongoing – the Customer Relations Department will keep you informed once every period, so that you can be aware of what is happening to your money and the situation in the market.

Product Liability

The Law of Product Liability (1980) is a law that was enacted in order to compensate a person who purchased a damaged good and was physically hearth by this product as a result of using it.


According to the Law of Product Liability (1980), any manufacturer or importer, marketer, handler, installer / supplier, or seller of products, even a person who package a products, whether for an whole product or for a component or parts of a product, are liable to damage caused by the use of the product.  This liability applies under the in Israel and anywhere else in the world. If the products are marketed abroad, it is very important to adapt the policy to appropriate territorial boundaries and jurisdictions.


Even product on-line sellers who market on the Internet are committed by most platforms to conduct product liability insurance.
This liability can be protected by a product liability insurance policy that provides an insurance solution and a deep pocket to be repaid (this is especially important in cases where the commercial company does not have a great deal of money or is at the beginning of its path and there is such damages in order to impede its continued activity) To be filed against him because of his responsibility for injury and / or damage to the body and / or property of any person and / or any body, including consequential damage that may be caused by a product created, treated, marketed, installed, etc.


Claims filed under this insurance are covered on the basis of claim maid, meaning that the coverage given for a claim that will be filed against the insured for the first time (and will be delivered to the insurer) is during the insurance period.
In the event that the policy is not renewed, it is possible to purchase a period of discovery or run-off period, which provides a solution for future claims from past activity until the day of  termination of the policy / day of cessation of insured activity.


It is important to renew the insurance every year and to maintain continuity of coverage to avoid a situation in which the policyholder may "fall between the chairs." It is advisable, as far as possible, to renew the insurance with the same insurer.


It is possible to expand the policy to cover the restitution of products, to expand coverage for the insured's on-line sellers, to combine the insurance with additional products such as third party liability insurance, professional liability and medical malpractice, if required.

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